Second CoolSculpting® Award!

CoolSculpting® has become an increasingly popular way to permanently, and in a completely non-invasive way, remove stubborn fat cells. We offer DualSculpting® which allows us to treat two areas simultaneously reducing your treatment time by half.

Baker Rejuvenation is one of the Premier CoolSculpting® practices in Western Canada. Since we have been offering this treatment it has allowed us to connect with many individuals that are already leading healthy lifestyles and are aging well. Connecting with retirees and seniors who are active and healthy, but just have a little extra stubborn fat, has actually been a bit of an inspiration for us at Baker Rejuvenation. We see first hand many Victoria’ites leading long, healthy, and full lives. If your mind and body are still feeling great, and you’re just left with a little extra bulge, why not reduce it to help you bring your best version forward.

We are continuing to uphold our standard for delivering research proven and effective treatments, and we feel great about being the CoolSculpting® treatment leader in our community.