Say Goodbye to Sunspots

Flawless Skin is Near

Even with the thick grey clouds of winter, our skin is still exposed to the intense sunrays. Without noticing, we can develop brown spots on our skin more commonly known as sun or age spots. These spots are often caused by sun exposure or skin aging where the skin produces an excess of pigment.

These spots can be reduced to almost nothing through the use of laser rejuvenation. We use IPL or Intense Pulsed Light laser to eliminate sun spots found anywhere on your body. With almost no downtime needed, our ILP treatment will have your skin clean and clear in no time.

Here is what to expect with your IPL treatment:

  1. Before we apply the IPL laser to your skin, we prepare the area with a cold gel.
  2. After preparation our ‘Lumenis One’ handpiece is guided across your targeted area, where precise pulses of light are delivered to the targeted area.
  3. If need be, we can apply a topical anesthetic cream to the skin, preventing any discomfort. Our patients have described the treatment as the feeling of a rubber band snapping on the skin.

Following the treatment, you may look and feel sunburnt. This sensation will last approximately two – five hours post-treatment. Follow the skin care routine advised by your IPL therapist, including not exfoliation for at least one week and avoiding any products that have not been recommended to ensure there is no reaction to anything with chemicals. Your skin will be sensitive to temperature for a few days following your session, so avoid extra hot water. The treatment will heal naturally, so it’s important not to pick at your skin! This may lead to unnecessary scaring. Most importantly, it is crucial after your treatment you apply protective sunscreen to the treated area, as the skin must be protected in order to heal.

The results of an IPL is smoother and more even skin tone and a more radiant you.