Our Top 3 Skincare Tips

Apply Product on Your Neck

The skin on your neck is much thinner than the skin on your face – about ⅓ thinner – and highly elastic. Different to the skin on your face, your neck is constantly moving, causing the dreaded neck rings you know you hate. Apply the same products you do to your face to your neck and chest to experience the same antiaging, perfecting benefits. Make sure you apply products to your neck and chest in a gentle upward motion, avoiding tugging on the delicate skin and to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Wait Before You Layer

When layering products, allow around three minutes between each step so they can fully absorb and not be diluted by one another. Sounds like too much time for your quick routine? Give yourself the extra time to enjoy the experience of treating yourself to a daily routine, brush your teeth, or listen to your song of the moment between layers.

Apply Sunscreen Even When Indoors

Or when it’s a rainy day in Victoria. The number one skincare product to ensure your skin ages beautifully is a daily SFP. UVA rays can pass through the glass of your window, damaging your skin. Collagen, the protein that keeps your skin elastic and youthful, starts breaking down in 1/10 of the time it takes to get a sunburn, so you really can’t afford to skip a minute of SPF protection.