Love Those Lips

Love those Lips

They are full, youthful and still natural looking – plump lips are all around us these days and they contribute to an overall fresh (and kissable) face. The key to a pretty pout is to ‘keep it real’ while providing a little added boost.

“Our goal is to provide a healthy, hydrated and natural look,” said Dr. Baker at Baker Rejuvenation Centre. “We work with what you have to even out and enhance your best features giving you beautiful results.”

Here’s what to expect:

1) The first step is a consultation to determine the look you want. We always recommend a less is more approach.
2) The treatment involves injections of a Hyaluronic Acid filler, like Juvederm Volbella, which is a substance that is naturally present in your body and helps maintain your skin’s firmness and shape your features. The Centre works with fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm to provide the desired look and feel. The benefits of working with Hyaluronic Acids include the ability to control the lip volume, and soften lines around the mouth creating a hydrated look.

3) Immediately after the procedure, lips will be slightly swollen. Patients are advised to ice their lips at first. We do everything we can to limit bruising, and we recommend patients avoid consuming alcohol and any blood thinning medications like ibuprophen, st. john’s wart, aspirin, and flax or fish oils for at least 2 days before treatment. Between 48 hours and a few days (it’s different for everybody) the swelling will have settled and the final results can be seen at 2 weeks.

4) 2 weeks after your treatment, we always schedule a follow up appointment to ensure everything is looking as smooth and balanced as possible. Touch ups are performed at this time to achieve as much symmetry and balance as possible.

Lip augmentation lasts between 6 months to a year. This also varies for each person depending on metabolism rates, sleeping on your sides (or face!), and combining botox around the mouth and jawline can actually prolong the life of your filler! The product naturally dissolves and because we tend to look at ourselves each day in the mirror, it’s hard to detect lips returning to their original size and shape. Warning: smoother and fuller lips may lead to the purchase of new lipsticks and glosses, check out our collection of glo-minerals!