Have You Remembered Your Sunscreen?

The word summer typically conjures up images of warm sunny days spent at the beach or pool, with sunscreen in one hand and a cooling elixer in the other. Yes, no, sometimes? Have you forgotten about your sunscreen?

One of the easiest things we encourage our patients to do is daily sunscreen use. Did you know that 10% of all skin cancers occur around the eye area? Dr. Baker regularly removes suspicious lesions from the eyelids and performs reconstructive skin cancer surgery. If you can prevent skin cancer, or at least reduce your risk, and reduce sun damage, why not? Treating sun damaged skin can be costly, so whatever you do preventatively will serve your skin and pocket book well in the long run.

Chemical sunscreens are usually the formulations that are smelly and irritate your eyes. This type of sunscreen is typically found in over the counter moisturizers and cosmetics. Usually chemical sunscreens should be reapplied every 2 hours as the chemical protection wears off over time. Switching to a medial grade physical sunscreen containing Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide will provide you with tear free longer lasting protection for up to 5 hours. Did you know that we offer medical grade skin care and treatments to combat sun damage and signs of aging?

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Achieving healthier looking skin is easier than you think with medical grade skin care and sun protection.