Botox – What You Need to Know

Have you tried Botox? Despite once being thought of as taboo or reserved for aging Hollywood celebrities, getting Botox is no longer a surprising practice.

Now part of a regular health and beauty routine, Botox is preventatively used in your 30s and 40s, rather than waiting to erase the onset of wrinkles in your 60s and beyond. Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in North America with an estimated 3-million treatments completed annually.

Botox is actually a natural, purified protein that, when injected, relaxes the muscles and allows for a smoother, softer looking appearance. A Botox injection simply causes the muscle to contract – giving more time to that muscle before it creates a wrinkle.

Targeting specific facial muscles that cause you to have a stressed or even angry look, Botox can also be useful for reducing tired eyes, headaches, excessive sweating and even enhancing your smile.

Administering Botox is an easy, in-clinic treatment with no pain and no down time. The actual length of a Botox treatment is only five to 10 minutes so you simply walk in, and walk out feeling like you’ve gone back in time. You will start to see a difference three to 10 days after your treatment, with the full effect evident within 14 days.

Perhaps the best part? Botox is much more affordable than you think and the results should last between three to four months. After repeat treatments you may even find the youthful effects last longer and you require smaller applications.

What differentiates Baker Rejuvenation Centre when it comes to medical and cosmetic services, is our unique mix of art and science. Led by Dr. Stephen Baker, a locally renowned Ophthalmologist, and our professional team exercises medical precision and a supportive consultation.

We really look at YOU. We take our time discussing your desired outcome with you, listening to your questions and providing the latest medical information. And, most importantly, we provide you with subtle and natural results that showcase your unique beauty.